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This pictures website is dedicated to panties lovers. It is hosted in France and directed by a frenchwebmaster.

You will find on these pages panties pictures of all kind and from all countries.

Enjoy the visit.

2005-04 :: From

Hi, it's my wife Ann.
How do You like her pictures?

2005-03 :: From

Here's a brand new pic for the site... I'm new here and trying to figure out how all the posting works hehe If you'd like to see more pics, check out my new personal site I've posted over 100 new pics today... lots of love,


2005-03 :: From

my 39 year old wife in her cotton panties. We're on Hello to trade pics with other couples who love sharing and trading cotton panties pics.

2005-03 :: From

Hello, I am Nanako in Japan, 26yo.
This is my favorite panty.

2005-03 :: From Anonymous