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This pictures website is dedicated to panties lovers. It is hosted in France and directed by a frenchwebmaster.

You will find on these pages panties pictures of all kind and from all countries.

Enjoy the visit.

2000-02 :: From Anonymous

Very exciting pictures send by a french amateur who want to stay anonymous. It is a pity because we want to know more about this beautiful girl. Look at the picture in the middle. What a nice view !

2000-02 :: From

Rosi :: Very innocent housewife waiting for your opinion. I hope we will receive more pictures of her !

2000-01 :: From

Nice pink panties! Send her your opinion.

2000-01 :: From

Laure, both exciting and innocent pictures ! she is waiting your comments

2000-01 :: From

From France, 3 pictures of Britney, you can send your comment.